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Taisho Glass Museum Main Store

Historical building of Meiji 39

At the main store of the Taisho Glass Museum, which is particular about Otaru glass, hand-made glass made with a technique called free-blowing glass is displayed and sold.

You can also see how the products are being made in the adjacent workshop. Also, if you would like to experience making glass, we are available at this head office.

The Otaru Canal, which represents Otaru, is a 1-minute walk away. In addition, it is located in the Sakaimachi-dori shopping street, which is lined with souvenir shops in Otaru, so it is a very convenient store for shopping.

Whether it's a crafting experience, sightseeing in Otaru, or a regular walk. It is a shop where you can touch the good old Otaru anytime.

​If you are looking for Otaru Glass, please come to our main store.

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