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Otaru glass specialty store

The Natori Takasaburo Shoten, which was built in 1904, has been renovated into a store.
(July 23, 1985 Otaru Historic Building Designation)
A fusion of glittering glass and the history of Otaru. Please enjoy such a space.
At our shop, we display and sell handmade glass made in Otaru city, mainly Japanese-style glassware.

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Tonbo Tamakan

Dragonfly accessory and glass production experience

We display and sell a large number of dragonfly balls and accessories made by burner and kiln work artists.

In addition, at the production (experience) studio on the 2nd floor, you can enjoy a variety of experience menus such as dragonfly balls, sandblasting and kiln work. We also accept reservations for groups.

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moonlight beauty

Exhibition and sale of dragonfly ball artist works

Ephemeral but beautiful flower, beauty of the moonlight.
Beautiful and beautiful, but the beauty of the moonlight that withers overnight.
The dream contained in a small glass ball has such fragility and cuteness.
At our gallery, we display and sell a large number of works by Tonbo-dama artists from all over Japan.

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A fairy tale world of miniature glass with motifs of Hokkaido's nature and four seasons

Various small ornaments were created by melting colorful glass rods using a gas burner.
We have more than 2,000 works with motifs of Hokkaido's nature and four seasons.
It is a fairy tale world of miniature glass handed down one by one.

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container shop

Delicious relationship between food and tableware

Vessels that color your life in your life.

Based on the theme of the delicious relationship between food and tableware, we have collected tableware that goes well with sake. Introducing tableware that has become a hot topic in which glasses play a leading role.

Create your own blissful time...
We can help you. Enjoy delicious drinks and meals at home.

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Space (SORA)

Products inspired by space and galaxies

The outer space (SORA) space that spreads out in the glass. The colors of the sky and the sea that you want to scoop in your palm and take home. This shop was created with that in mind.
Together with Mr. NOGUCHI MIEKO, a glass craftsman, we will pursue the infinite possibilities of glass.
Enjoy the slow flow of time with the concept of nature and the universe.

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sake brewery

Numerous glasses that pursue functional beauty

We sell glasses that pursue functional beauty created by the skillful techniques of local artists, including glasses from Kimura Glass, which are also used by professionals.
We will help you choose the best glasses for your favorite sake.

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A stained glass workshop that pursues design

Opened on January 25, 2017, it is the 14th shop in the city.
This is a stained glass workshop supervised by Mr. Kamei Hide, a glass craftsman.
In the store, we display and sell works with the motif of the sea, including stained works made in Otaru.

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Enjoy Otaru Glass in a historical space

This sweets shop was built in 1907 by renovating the former Kubo Shoten.
The building received the Cityscape Award in 1992 and was designated as an Otaru Historic Building in November of the following year.
Please enjoy the space that transcends 110 years of history.
In addition, the tableware (Otaru glass) used in our shop is all handmade glass, so each one has a different expression.
Heat-resistant glass is used for hot drinks, so you can use it with confidence.

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hairpin shop

"Adult and cute" kanzashi to enjoy the four seasons

A new collaboration between glass work and Tsumami work.
From classic jade kanzashi to works studded with Swarovski crystals, and stained glass kanzashi reprinted from the Taisho era are also worthy of attention.
We have a lot of adult cute hair accessories that match not only Japanese clothes but also western clothes.
How about creating a feminine look with just the right amount of looseness that makes you feel like an adult? !
We also have a special corner for earrings, so we also have resin parts for those who have a problem with metal allergies.

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Hokkori House

Exhibition and sale of works by burner artists in the city

We mainly exhibit and sell works by burner work artists Masae Hirokawa and Kumi Aoyama (who lives in Otaru).
The work made from flexible glass is a house that makes you feel "warm" just by looking at it. Please feel free to come and visit us!

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creators market so

An art space dedicated to handmade crafts

You can meet various works by glass artists in Otaru city and other artists outside the city.
Numerous works created by the rich imagination of creators full of individuality...
We are exhibiting and selling works that are all created by hand.
Please enjoy encounters that can only be found here and now.

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gallery storehouse

Exhibition sale of Otaru-shi writer work

In the storehouse built in the Taisho period, we are exhibiting (selling) the works of 15 blowing glass artists (10 studios) who are currently continuing their production activities in Otaru.
Otaru Glass has changed (evolved) in shape and color over the Meiji, Taisho, Showa, and Heisei eras.
Please take a look at the works that are particular about "Made in Otaru". We look forward to welcoming you.

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Space Niseko Village Store

Products inspired by space and galaxies

On December 5, 2014, a complex facility that combines dining and shops opened next to the hotel "Hilton Niseko Village".
The Taisho Glass Museum is among the seven townhouse-style buildings.
The interior of the store, which matches the Japanese-style building, is decorated mainly with glass made in Otaru, and is decorated with glasses and ornaments.

店舗: 会社概要

creative glass studio

I want to make all guests smile

It is a workshop next to the head office.
Mr. Takumi Hayashi, owner of the workshop
After working in glass making in Furano, moved to Otaru in January 2017, where he devotes himself to making works.
The production concept is to make all customers smile with my work.
Of course, we also accept blowing glass experiences.
Reception will be at the Taisho Glass Museum Main Store.

店舗: 会社概要
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